Women's Wide Pant

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Material: 100% nylon

Country of origin: China

Nylon pants with classic work pants modernized as the prototype.
The material uses a 100%recycling eco -nylon that has been collected, reused, and purified marine garbage and fishing nets. Econilon is environmentally friendly, such as saving a lot of energy consumed in the manufacturing process and reducing CO2 emissions. By making the silhouette slightly thicker, it has a design that makes you feel like a contemporary when you wear it. The belt loop comes with a skin -based ID case that can be removed using apple leather, which has a fine skin reminiscent of genuine leather and a soft and soft touch. Apple leather is a vegan leather with a 66%bio -base USDA certified product (33%apple components), which is used for the back base.
With a tab to fix the roll up on the hem

Model wear size
Female model: Wear size PETITE H160 C77 W57 H83

Notation CM
size Length Waist Hip inseam
Petite (S) 106 72
Regular (m) 106
Over (L) 106